this is a test!

OK, this is not that big of a test… but it is a test.
We may not get the house we were hoping to get, afterall.
There’s a second offer going in with ours, through the listing agent.
In the few days since we decided to go for this house, we’ve become somewhat attached to it.
Not because its the best house, but it meets all the hopes that we going into this with.
And now my theory that God works everything out for a good purpose is being put to the test.
Do I really believe that if God wants us there, He’ll get us there…
and if we shouldn’t be there, then He’ll make sure of it!
Can I trust Him, that He will provide the right place at the right time?
Hmm, sounds like I need to listen to my own sermon from this past Sunday.
Believing is not seeing, its trusting when we can’t see, when we’re not sure.

In some ways, its really no big deal, right?
Some people are waiting for the results of cancer tests?
Some people are wondering about the safety of their children?
Some people are desperate to get a job, and wonder if they’ll be able to make payments.
Some people are desperately looking for loved ones in the rubble of the earthquake in China.
Some people have no food, no job, no home, no money, no hope.
And Jesus had no place to lay His head, when He called people to join Him.
Do I trust Him?

Are our hopes realistic, are they materialistic?
Are we looking for the wrong kind of house, for the wrong kind of reasons?
Am I willing to consider this, or am I set in my thoughts and opinions?
Man, this being honest is hard work, it really touches deep and sensitive areas.

And its just a house.
How would I handle the bigger tests?


One Response

  1. Thanks for being honest Norm…. These kind of thoughts go through lots of people’s heads, we just don’t all get to say them out loud.
    There is a house for you….

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