why do I need SOAP?

For me, life without SOAP stinks, in more ways than one.
Beyond the customary shower every morning, I always need to be washed in the Voice of the Lord.
The Bible is a place where I meet with God, and I hear His Voice.
Not ‘hear’ in the audible sense, but receiving a message from Him deep within me.
The passage that I read is the specific meeting space, and as I read, the passage reads me.
There is usually one thing (often more) that jumps out at me, that I can apply to my own heart and life.
And that one thing which touches me deep (if I allow it), is the Voice of God to me.

Today I was reminded of the seductive, destructive voice of Folly.
Yesterday I was challenged about my ego, and whether I love it when I am corrected.
Every day there is something.

Where does SOAP fit in?
SOAP is an acronym for Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer, a pattern for spending time with the Lord in the Bible, listening for His Voice.

It allows me to read through the Bible in a personal, practical and life-challenging way.
It reminds me of my need for God, for Jesus as my Lord, and for the life-transforming work of the Spirit in me.
And it shows me the things that stink in my life, and directs me to the place where I can get cleaned up.

I am concerned that many who claim to follow Jesus do not actually allow Him to work in their lives through the Bible.
My concern is rooted in personal experience.
We read the Bible as a Book, we use it to prove doctrines or challenge opponents (or write sermons).
Or we don’t read it, we just listen to someone else talk about.
Or we read books by other people who share what they think about it.

We all need SOAP, well actually, we all need Jesus, and the Spirit to work in us.
And SOAP is one very practical, very helpful way of experiencing this.
If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
And know as well that this is not my own thing, I am borrowing from the wisdom of others.
But it works for me, and hopefully it will for you.

Let’s use SOAP together!


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