friendly robbin… or slow learner

Linda Wielinga sent me this story which struck me as interesting, a neat God moment as it made me think of myself and what a slow learner I am. How many times do I keep bumping into those things that are no good for me, and yet I foolishly persist in doing it again… and again… again….

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share this story with you …
The strangest thing is happening at our home – for the past two days, this robin in the attached file, continually is flying into our windows of our home. William was the first to notice it after school yesterday. He mentioned something to me about a bird, but I am afraid I was not paying too much attention to what he was saying. I was in our kitchen when I started hearing this continual “thump, thump”. I asked William what that sound was, and he said, “Mom, it’s the bird!” I look downstairs to our family room window and sure enough, a robin continued to fly into the window making the “thump, thump” sound. We have had  birds fly into our windows before (generally in the large front window) but not continually throwing themselves into the window! So, I go outside and place a tall object in front of the window for two reasons; one, so the bird does not damage the window, and two for fear the bird is going to damage itself!
In about 5 minutes, we hear the “thump, thump” again. I look downstairs, and sure enough, the same robin is flying into the other family room window next to the first window. I had to laugh at this silly bird! So, I go outside and find something tall to sit in front of that window too.
In about 5 minutes, we hear the “thump, thump” again, but now it is at our sliding door window! Ok … this bird really wants to get into our house for some reason! William and I laugh about it, and I actually had the sliding door open for about 10 minutes just to see if the bird would come in! But the mosquitoes were the only ones flying in, so I closed the door and got supper ready.
The next morning, after coming home from prayer time at the church, I walked into the kitchen and heard once again, the “thump, thump” of the robin, but this time it was at the basement window at the front of the house! This bird has literally come “knocking” at four of my windows of the house.
I do not know the nature of robins, but I share this story with you and I would be amused at any of your comments or experiences with birds in this manner.
My initial reaction is that this bird is a slow learner – persistent – but just does not understand that it can’t get through the glass.
Well, there is my story for the day!
Enjoy your day in joy,
– Linda


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