in the potter’s hands

SCRIPTURE: Jeremiah 18:1-12


  1. God speaks through an ordinary potter, working with clay. God still speaks this way, if we slow down and pay attention. Through the birds of the air, a mustard seed, a fig tree, a farmer planting seed. Or else through a sunrise, a bridge, a cake in the oven, a unexpected gift, the changing of the seasons, etc. All things were made by the Word of God (John 1), which means that all things are a communication from God… if we pay attention and listen.
  2. Just as a potter can change her plans for a pot she is making if it doesn’t take shape as expected, so also God can change His plans.
  3. We are partners with God, and He incorporates our actions and reactions into His purposes. Again and again He calls us to respond to Him, to open our hearts and lives to Him and experience the blessing of life in Him. But if we refuse…
  4. If we are sinning, and He warns us about impending judgment, and we repent, He will withhold the punishment. And if He welcomes and blesses us as His children, and we become stupid and turn our backs on Him, He will withhold His blessing and warn us about impending judgment.
  5. I cannot assume since I am baptized, or since Jesus loves me and died for me, or since God has given His Spirit to me, that I am now secure and safe no matter what choices I make. God can and will change His blessing if I turn my back on Him.
  6. This raises the issue of predestination and eternal security, which many people have debated and fought over. My answer is very basic, because the issue is too complex for our puny minds. Yes, I am predestined, and yes I must choose for or against God. This may seem like a contradiction, and indeed from our perspective it is. But somehow it all works out as far as God is concerned. To God be the glory, even if it doesn’t make sense to me.

Lord, You are working on me, and I am a stubborn piece of clay. Thank You for not giving up, and please keep on working to make me (one day) a beautiful piece of pottery.


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