pics of Tim on facebook

Tim has been posting some pictures on his facebook page, but you do need to sign up with Facebook to see them. We are still waiting for an email update, but we did get this personal email:

“We are slowly getting the internet figured out but we are definatly having our problems we have been working on the internet since 2 and it is now 6 and it is just working. we are slowly getting used to the time change but me and kelly are still extremely tired. its been good here its always around 100 degrees but it is nice dry heat. today we caught a scorpion on the couch and a black widow and put them in a jar together and made them fight to the death (mikes idea) and the scorpion won i have a video that might make it onto youtube if the internet picks up. the group from north carolina that was with me and dad 2 of the leaders are here and one is staying all summer with us. glad to hear everything is going good at home. i don’t know how often i will be able to write back but everything is good here and i hope you adn dad have a great week alone together
love you, Tim”


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