unless you turn to God

Special thanks to Jill Hamming from PEI who is writing the devotionals on the readings from Luke (with help from L.E.Porter’s commentary on Luke).

SCRIPTURE: Luke 13:1-9


  1. Jesus uses two current news stories to call the hearers to account about something we often think – and He gives a warning. We sometimes think that when bad things happen to people they deserve it. God allows the catastrophe because the victims were so bad! Jesus says neither the murdered Galileans nor those accidentally killed by the falling tower were worse sinners than anyone else. (Today, neither the drug related, stabbing victim in Halifax nor the family who died in a fire were more evil people than anyone else.) Jesus doesn’t even discuss why/how what happened. He uses the sad news to say everyone needs to repent and turn to God or we too will perish.
  2. Jesus repeats His warning with a parable. The fig tree has been fruit bearing age for 3 years but has not produced any. The owner doesn’t like wasting the space. He wants rid of it. The gardener tries to convince him to give it one more year of care and compost before chopping it down. Unless people produce the ‘fruit’ of repentance we too will be chopped down.
  3. It is easy to discuss why things happen to people and miss a more important point. Where are people at with God? Where am I at with Him. Do we make judgements about why bad things happen to people? Or do we let ourselves be continually reminded by these sad events that our lives could end any time. Are we ready? Are other people ready?

Thank-you God that You enable me to have a relationship with You. Thank-you that You remind me to repent. Please make me care always about other people. Use me to draw them to You. Amen


One Response

  1. The fruitless fig tree is a reminder to me that it is only by the empowerment (fertilizer) of the Holy Spirit that I am able to bear fruit. My striving to do good is self righeousness unless it is done in humility and in dependence on he Lord. Jesus doesn’t tell the outcome of this story but I think that the fig tree will not be chopped down because the gardener ( the Spirit) is giving it the resources and power to bear fruit.
    Lord help me to repent from striving to do good in my own strength. Equip me and anoint me to bear friut in your strength. Let there be less of me and more of you. Amen

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