healing on the sabbath – yes!

Special thanks to Jill Hamming from PEI who is writing the devotionals on the readings from Luke (with help from L.E.Porter’s commentary on Luke).

SCRIPTURE: Luke 13:10-17


  1. This woman was so crippled that she could not look up. How sad! After 18 years and probably never expecting to be well, Jesus heals her. How amazing! How wonderful! Did she straighten up and look first into Jesus welcoming face? What a blessing! We read she gave glory to God.
  2. We find it shocking that the synagogue leader was upset because Jesus healed on the Sabbath. How uncaring of him. How could anyone act like that?   Yet we must be careful lest we judge ourselves. We would not complain about someone being healed on the Sabbath. But what other rules do we have that we judge people on?
  3. My husband and I have less rules than many people, about what Christians should do/not do. We thought we were not like the synagogue leader. The Holy Spirit showed us that we judged people who do have a lot of rules. We also judged people who think differently than us. How can they think that way? Why can’t they see the truth? (as we see it) We had to repent.
  4. Jesus was stern in His response. He called the leaders hypocrites! They cared more about their animals than a woman being healed. As with the last teaching and parable this is a warning from Jesus. Repent, change from the way you behave…..

Thank-you Jesus that You healed this woman. Thank-you for when you heal us today. Holy Spirit please show us when we are judging and not responding to people in a righteous way. Also please show us when we should speak out for what is right and against what is wrong. Thank-you, Amen


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