heaven or hell?

Special thanks to Jill Hamming from PEI who is writing the devotionals on the readings from Luke (with help from L.E.Porter’s commentary on Luke).

SCRIPTURE: Luke 16:19-31


  1. In this parable two men die. A rich man, living in luxury and a poor man, Lazarus, who eats table scraps and has dogs licking his sores. The rich man ends up in hell, Lazarus, in heaven. Jesus is definitely saying that our lives will end on earth and what we choose on earth decides what happens afterward.
  2. The rich man can see Lazarus and asks Abraham to send Lazarus to help him. Abraham says there is no crossing over. So we see there is a permanent, awful, separation between heaven and hell.
  3. The rich man then asks Abraham to send someone to warn his brothers. You can see that he does care about them but caring is not enough and it is too late. Abraham replies that they have the Word to tell them the truth. The rich man thinks that if they see someone back from the dead they would change. Abraham disagrees saying even if someone is raised from the dead they won’t be convinced!
  4. The last sentence seems aimed at the Pharisees who are still rolling their eyes at Jesus. Many of them don’t believe even later when Jesus is raised from the dead. How sad.

Thank-you again Lord that we have the opportunity to believe in You. Please renew again out commitment to tell others about You. Never let us lose sight of what is most important, -before it is too late. Amen


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