eagerly striving?

SCRIPTURE: 2 Peter 1


  1. Peter is making sure that these Jesus followers never forget the basic message of God, namely that through Jesus we have been reconnected to God, energized by His Spirit and therefore free and able to live healthy, holy lives in this twisted, sinful world. We have everything we need, through our relationship with Jesus, to overcome the power of sin and live effective, productive lives for God and for others.
  2. The ONLY thing holding me back is the lack of eagerness and the lack of effort. Peter urges us to be all the more eager, and to make every effort. If I am not eagerly striving to add to my faith, to grow and to become more and more like jesus, then I am nearsighted (i.e. can’t see far away, blind to the big picture, to what faith is all about) and therefore, just plain blind to the message. I’ve failed to see that I am set free from the penalty and power of sin, therefore I am still its prisoner.
  3. Peter stresses that his message is not made up, its the same message as the prophets, which they did not make up either. They saw first-hand the glory and goodness of God revealed in Jesus. They witnessed the unbelievable resurrection and ascension of Jesus to the throne of God. This message is TRUE, and it is life-changing, if we are willing and determined.
  4. Lord, the message I am hearing from You is that the only reason that I am still stuck, and mired in the distractions and desires of sin, is because I am not eager enough, not giving enough effort. There is nothing lacking in my connection to You, I have full access to the divine energy. I have everything I need for life and godliness. My flesh is able (with God’s help) but my spirit is weak.
  5. The person who knows Jesus, who really knows Jesus personally, will manifest this increasing growth in goodness. It is through our relationship with Jesus (walking with Him, talking with Him, learning from Him, obeying Him) that we are changed. If we are not growing/changing, then we have pulled back in our relationship with Him. He is ready to mentor us, to talk us through the sin issues that hold us back and guide us through them to the freedom that He has earned for us. It is a process, one that we must partner with. If we hold back, then we miss out on it.

Lord, I am still holding back. Is it fear, is it laziness, is it apathy, is it unbelief? Whatever it is, it needs to change. Please jolt me and my faith back to life, please give me a boost to get started again.


One Response

  1. I slipped and fell during the summertime. I excused myself that I did not have the Internet connection. So what happened to my devotional life? It slipped. I fell from my daily ‘talks’ with God. I did see Him in the creation – the beautiful sunsets, marveled at the scenery during our travels, heard inspiring sermons, heard Him speak through the leaders/teachers at the CSI convention, but I lacked the effort to read/dig into the scriptures. For lack of knowledge my people/I perish.

    I am reminded by this passage to refresh my memory and be the light that Christ asks His people to be. Star shine. I need to let His Light shine through me and from this I may never take a vacation.

    Lord help me to be your Sonshine wherever I am, during the school year and during the summertime. Help me to grow in the Truth each day. Help me to make every effort each and every day by the encouragement of Your Spirit working in me and through me. Help me to be an eager participant in the working of your Kingdom every day of my life.

    Give me oil in my lamp, I pray,
    Give my oil in my lamp, keep me burning,
    Keep me burning ’till the end of day.

    Sing hosanna, sing hosanna,
    Sing hosanna to the King of kings!
    Sing hosanna, sing hosanna,
    Sing hosanna to the King!

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