persistent prayer

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 143


  1. What did David do when he was in a desperate situation? (a) he prayed desperately, persistently (b) he was honest about his struggles, as wel as about his own sin and need for mercy (c) he reminded himself of God’s past blessings and mercies (d) he opened himself to learn, to be taught (e) he anticipated/expected God’s help (f) he based his confidence on God’s power and love. These are evident in this psalm, but can also be seen in most other psalms. Compare this to what we do when we are in a desperate situation.
  2. Desperate, persistent. How does this compare with my own prayers. Am I this serious about being a Jesus-follower?
  3. Honest about my struggles, and about my sin and need for mercy. I tend to FEEL my struggles and my sin more than to EXPRESS them to the Lord. To feel them is OK, but I also need to express them before the Lord. Otherwise they maintain a hold over me, I am overwhelmed by the feelings, instead of set free through releasing them.
  4. God’s past blessings and mercies. Do we focus on our burdens, or our blessings? Obviously our first focus should be on the Lord. But next to that, it is very helpful to repeat, out loud, the specific blessings and answers to prayer the Lord has shown us in the past. This is part of what it means to consider what His hands have done.
  5. Open to learn, to be taught. A teachable spirit, admitting our need for growth and improvement, aware that the Lord uses our life experiences to prune and prepare us for greater service. Too often in crisis we are in a self-defense posture, not thinking about what is wrong within us, but what is wrong out there.
  6. Anticipating God’s help [see Psalm 5:3]. Let the morning bring me word of Your unfailing love. I can see him waking up, looking around, eagerly expecting something good that morning.
  7. Confident in God’s power and love. Why is David so optimistic, despite hard circumstances? Because God is great and God is good. For His Name’s sake, in His unfailing love. The God we serve is not a heartless tyrant, demanding our obedience. He is our loving Father, our loving Saviour, our loving Comforter.

Lord, make me serious, persistent, hopeful. May I pray without ceasing, constantly looking to You for Your glory, Your goodness, Your purpose in my life. No matter what happens…


One Response

  1. In joy and in sorrow, I need to see God’s unfailing love anew each day, starting first thing in the morning. Good morning Lord. Thank You for the new day that I may experience Your everlasting presence and unfailing love once again. In all I do and all I say, it is in You I put my trust each day. Show me the Way to go also on this new day for I take refuge in You always. You are my Rock, a mighty Tower, my Fortress, my Hiding Place.

    And on this ne day Lord, teach me to do Your will. You are my God and I will ever praise You. You are my God and ever will I trust You. You are my God and ever will You lead me by Your Spirit. In my travels today, lead me and guide me so that I will do Your will. May I be Your servant true also on this day You have made.

    Lead me, guide me along the way,
    For if You lead me I cannot stray.
    Lord let me walk each day with Thee.
    Lead me, oh Lord lead me.

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