concern for the weak and needy

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 146

A summary of what David says in Psalm 146: I will always boast about how great God is, the great and mighty God who is on the side of the weak and needy! When you think of God, is this what comes to mind for you? The champion of the weak, the needy, the hurting, the oppressed, the poor, the hungry, the abused, etc? Most people get their impressions of God from the people who claim to worship Him. And often that impression is one of anger, judgment, aloofness, self-righteousness, uncaring, distant, unconcerned about the things that matter to us. David advertises another God, one that ‘upholds the cause of the oppressed, gives food to the hungry, sets prisoners free, etc.

What kind of God do I advertise? What impression of God do people get from me? And another important question that this Psalm provokes me with is, am I as concerned for the weak and needy as God is? If this is what concerns God, and in fact if this is what I will be judged for (see Matthew 25:31-46), then what am I doing about it? Who are the weak and needy that cross my path each day? Does God put them there to test me? Is God setting me up with an opportunity to witness for Him by sharing His love with someone in need? Am I missing out on a powerful God-moment because I am too busy, too distracted, or too lazy?

Lord, there is no doubt that David saw Your greatness in Your awesome power AND Your amazing mercy for the weak and needy. Help me not to just appreciate this, help me to imitate this.


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