renewing the church

SCRIPTURE: Zechariah 1

This book consists of a series of visions given by God to Zechariah (around 520 BC) for the nation of Israel, exiles in Babylon. The basic message is ‘get ready, God is about to act on behalf of Israel!’ [1:16] God had allowed His special people to be defeated by their cruel, sinful neighbours, as punishment for their refusal to serve God. But now, though the whole world is at rest and in peace (i.e. the ungodly nations are enjoying a season of success), God will step in to restore His special nation, and punish the neighbouring nations for their wickedness. A ‘craftsman’ has arrived to rebuild what the armies (‘horns’) had ruined.

Before Jesus, Israel was God’s chosen means of building His Kingdom on earth. After Jesus, it is the ‘church’. Jesus is Lord of everything for the sake of the ‘church’, whose special assignment is to live and serve the new kingdom life for Him in the world. When we fail in our task, He allows the ‘church’ to be exiled for a time, but again and again He steps in to rebuild His missionary people. Even if the ‘church’ seems weak and defeated, the Lord is still Lord of the world and the church, and He will not forget or punish His people forever. But we must repent and return to our calling, to be His missionary people! The Lord is Lord of Ajax. The ‘church’ is His chosen instrument of establishing His world of love and peace. But we are not just to wait for Him to do it, we must be His hands and feet. We are to make His love and peace a reality by living it! For the ‘church’ to prosper, we must live like Jesus!

Lord, thank You for the reminder that You are always Lord of history, of the nations, and the church. Help me to repent and renew my commitment to live for and serve Your purpose, here in Ajax and wherever I am.


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  1. Ears they have but do not listen. God’s people do not listen to the Word of the Lord. Yet God continues to be with His people. When they repented and turned from their evil ways, God was there. Do this and live. That is what the Master says. Live and do this. Again and again the Lord restores His people, if they but walk with Him, walk in His Light, walk the most excellent way.

    In my daily living for Jesus, I too must walk with Him, following His voice. This is the Way, Walk in it. In the place the Lord has planted me, I must trust and obey what He has in store for me as I continue to be a Jesus follower in Haiti, a kingdom builder in all I do and say. Help me Lord to walk each day with You as I conyinue to rebuild/restore Your kingdom Lord.

    When we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word,
    What a glory He sheds on our way!
    While we do His good will, He abides with us still,
    And with all who will trust and obey.

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