taking sin seriously

SCRIPTURE: Zechariah 5

The Lord is cleaning up. The flying scroll announces the removal of all thieves and liars. The woman in the basket represents the removal of all sin practices from Israel. In other words, the Lord will clean up His people, and remove all who refuse to obey Him. When we recall that the wickedness spoken of here represents all that makes the world a miserable place, then we can understand why it needs to be removed. Those who know the destructive power of sin can appreciate why it has to be removed. God does not tolerate evil because He cannot.

Do we tolerate sin? Are we more inclined to accommodate sin (i.e. give it a home in our own hearts and lives)? Jesus reminds His followers of the danger of sin by warning them to cut off their hands and gouge out their eyes, if necessary (a case of hyperbole to make a point). Sin is that serious, and that is why Jesus had to die.

God’s judgment against sin still remains. It is the invisible scroll that still flies over the land. We can ignore it, but we cannot make it go away. God cannot tolerate sin, and if we try to, we will face the consequences. As His followers, we must be holy [which means ‘set apart’ – set apart from sin, set apart for godliness]. Am I as serious about sin as the Lord is?

Lord, You took my sin so seriously that You died for it, for me. You took its curse for me. Help me not to tolerate it, and act as if it were not serious.


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  1. Just as with the first Adam, I too shall surely die because I too have followed my own ways and not follwed the way of the Lord. Do this and live. Disobey, and you will die. The reading tells us of God’s wrath – is righteous judgement – upon the sinners. None can escape. It will surely come to pass. Thank You Lord for the second ‘Adam.”

    But I have been redeemed. I have a Saviour who saved me from the curse of the law. Lord, help me to see with the eyes of faith Your greatness and Your holiness. Help me each and every day to live for You, being part of your people, set apart from the world, to light a Way for others to see. Increase my faith Lord so that I can be a living witness for You also on this day. By the grace of God I live this day for Him.

    And these are the days of Ezekiel
    The dry bones becoming as flesh
    And these are the days of Your servant, David
    Rebuilding a temple of praise
    And these are the days of the harvest
    The fields are white in the world
    And we are Your laborers in Your vineyard
    Declaring the Word of the Lord

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