king of all the earth

SCRIPTURE: Zechariah 6

The four chariots represent the sovereign reach of the King, extending to the four corners of the planet (see Revelation 7:1ff). The Lord of the whole world is directing the affairs of all nations and people, for His purpose. He is raising up His anointed Ruler on earth (the messiah, the branch) who will be both priest and king together (‘there will be harmony between the two’). The priest in Zechariah’s day was Joshua (a Hebrew name meaning ‘the Lord is salvation’, in Greek it is ‘Jesus’), and he symbolically represents the coming messiah who will unite all nations under God. The temple symbolically represents the spiritual family of God (see 1 Peter 2:4-10).

Lots of symbols in these visions, but the basic message is this: stay true to Me, and I will establish my King, and my Kingdom on earth. The unfolding of history is happening according to God’s plan, no matter how things may appear to us. Jesus has come, He is Lord of all creation, He is uniting people in Himself to build a spiritual house (family) for God. Those who reject Jesus are rejecting life and hope and a place in God’s world.

This is all happening whether I see it or believe it or not. The Lord is at work all around me, all around the world. I do not bring God to Ajax, He is already here and already at work. My task is to join Him in what He is doing, to be a kingdom builder. For me this means building relationships with my neighbours, serving people in need, using my abilities and resources to bless others, demonstrating His love to everyone!

Lord, give me a confidence in You and Your Kingdom, and a commitment to share Your love with others, in Your Name.


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