Jesus is my hope

SCRIPTURE: Zechariah 10

The leaders and teachers were guilty of misleading the people, giving them false direction and false comfort. This is why the whole nation was in exile. But God will restore His special community, and once again use them to shine for the world to see. He will do this Himself, by coming from Judah as the messiah (the cornerstone, the tent peg, the battle bow). Though scattered throughout the world, He will unite and multiply them. He will lead them through ‘the sea of trouble’. He will strengthen them with His Holy Spirit so that they will walk in His ways.

We should not assume that just because we are the new community of Jesus followers, that we cannot be led astray. Yes, we are strengthened by His Spirit to walk in His ways, but we too are subject to wayward leaders and teachers, and we ourselves are prone to wander. Our focus must always be on Jesus. He is the guideline that we follow, the only leader and teacher who will not lead us astray. He is the good shepherd! He is our strength, He is our hope!

What (or who) are the ‘idols’ that I rely on instead of Jesus? Self-confidence, great authors, my instincts or abilities, my investments? God came in Jesus to be our partner, our guide, our Saviour, our Master. Only in partnership with Him can we survive and thrive. Only with Him will I make it through the ‘sea of trouble’. Only with Him can I share the blessing with my children so that they ‘will see it and be joyful’.

Lord, I hear You calling me back to relying on You, as the perfect Leader and Teacher for my life. Help me to trust that following You is the best, the only way to survive and thrive in this world.


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  1. Ask of the Lord and He will answer. It is He who gives the showers and makes the plants to grow. All those who trust in idols have false hope and wander without a guide. But if the Lord God is my Guide, my Shepherd, then I can be more than a conquerer in His name. He is my strength and shield. In His name I must walk. As I live this day, I must acknowledge Him in all I do and say. Whatever befalls on this day, I need to focus on Jesus and not the problems of the day, the disruptions that come my way interfering with the my work, lack of hydro, copier won’t work, etc In the big and the small stuff, others must see Christ in me – a servant leader following the Master each day, in joy.

    Another day begun!
    Lord, grant us grace that we,
    Before the setting of the sun,
    Redeem the time for Thee.

    Another day of toil!
    To Thee we yield our powers;
    Keep Thou our souls from guilty soil
    Through all the passing hours.

    Another day of fear!
    For watchful is our foe,
    And sin is strong, and death is near,
    And short our time below.

    Another day of hope!
    For Thou art with us still,
    And Thine almighty strength can cope
    With all who seek our ill.

    Another day of grace
    To help us on our way!
    One step towards the resting-place,
    The eternal Sabbath-day.

    The rains have come. An unexpected day off of school. Inform the parents.

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