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Hey everyone, just a reminder…

Please leave your comments!!!

Say ‘hi’, ask a question (try to stump me, its not hard), share a story, sing a song, ask for prayer, give me a good idea, share a God story, start a discussion… whatever. The fun of a blog is people sharing anything, anytime. HOW? Just go to the end of any post, and type in your question or comment. I will get an email everytime someone comments!


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  1. When I saw the words ‘what I need, not what I want it hit home for me. Several years ago, my husband and I had a plan. Then my husband got sick, and our whole lives changed. Before this, my faith was mediocre at best. Over time though, when I realized that God was not going to pull the rug out from under us, my faith became stronger. We didn’t do the things that we wanted to do, we had to put some dreams aside. But the thing that manifested itself so strongly in me (and us) was that God will always take care of the things that we need and in the long run, it doesn’t really matter if we don’t get what we want. We have a great family, our boys are happy and healthy, my husband has learned over time how to best manage his illness and life is pretty good. Our faith has grown immensely and our families have been supportive and we truly have all that we need. I thank God for allowing us the oppportunity to grow.

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