resisting or assisting Him

SCRIPTURE: Zechariah 12-13

These messages speak about God’s plan to restore His people to an important place in the world (12:1-9), the grief His people experience for rejecting (piercing) God, an anticipation of the crucifixion (12:10-14), God’s promise to remove the impurity of false teachers and prophets who were misleading His people (13:1-6) and the upheaval that will result when Messiah comes, is rejected by some and accepted by others (13:7-9). The basic message is: God is committed to establishing His kingdom, and those who surrender to Him in love and obedience will be blessed, but those who stand in the way (whether other nations, His own people or their prophets) will be moved aside. We may resist, but we cannot stop God’s purpose.

God is in charge. He is implementing His plan to restore His kingdom on earth through His messiah, Jesus. We can resist Him, reject Him, teach false things about Him, pierce (crucify) Him… but we cannot stop Him. Even when it appears that His kingdom is not coming, and the sinful world seems to have the upper hand… He is still Master of the Universe. His resurrection is the guarantee that NOTHING can stop Him. And in/with Him, we are immovable, unconquerable!

Am I resisting or assisting the King in building His kingdom. If I am not working with Him, I am working against Him. If I am not living the kingdom life (humility, grace, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, integrity, etc.), then I am living against that life. May the Lord give me, and all His people, a spirit of grace and supplication, that we may recognize how amazing He is, and His amazing grace. May we weep with sorrow and hope.

Lord, change my perspective to see this world as Your world, and all things as the unfolding of Your kingdom purpose. Open my eyes to see Your grace and goodness, and join with You in making this a reality in all the world.


One Response

  1. The readings for today remind me once again that this is my Father’s world. Even though I try with my students to discover how the whole world belongs to God, I fall short. My choice is to serve Him each and every day. There are those who choose not to obey His Word and the Lord will punish those who attack His own as the passage describes. The day will come when the Lord will refine His people – all who call upon His name – all who say the Lord is God! And then the Lord will answer and say They are my people.

    Help me in the rebuilding of Your Kingdom Lord. Help me to reclaim the land. Help me in my daily prayers for the land and its people so they too may see The Way to travel.

    By the grace of God go I.

    Purify my heart
    Let me be as gold and precious silver
    Purify my heart
    Let me be as gold, pure gold

    Refiner’s fire
    My heart’s one desire
    Is to be holy
    Set apart for You Lord
    I choose to be holy
    Set apart for You my Master
    Ready to do Your will

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