dangerous “christians”


Jude is very worked up about these dangerous “christians”, loose living big talkers, boastful and smooth… but very dangerous. Jude’s language is poetic and pointed – God will not go easy on those who twist the truth for selfish gain, and mislead others from healthy, holy living. People who use religion as a cover for greed, lust and pride. These religious shysters have existed throughout the ages, and they bring shame to the community of Jesus-followers. Jude urges these Jesus-followers to persevere in the truth and love of God, as demonstrated by Jesus. And he assures them that their security and hope rests with “Him who is able to keep them from falling”.

Who are the religious shysters of our day? Are there dangerous “christians” among us? Although I do not sense that I am one of these dangerous people in the church, are there subtle ways that I am undermining the health or strength of the church? This passage is a reminder to me to be very careful about what I believe and how I live, and to make sure that I am persevering in the way of Jesus. Jesus is the standard, not other believers. I need to build myself up into Him. Do people see Jesus when they see me (or at least, evidence of Him)?

Lord, show me where there is danger within the church, from people who do not follow You. And show me where I am subtly and unconsciously like them, and where I need to change.


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  1. The enemy within is always a great danger, Jude reminds us. They go through some of the motions of believers as long as it fits their desires. They are self serving and do not serve the community nor the Lord. The statement – twice dead – stood out for me. Although these people think they are alive now, they are dead to their sins in their present lives and will die unto an eternal death. Twice dead.

    The Christian however lives today for the Lord and through death’s door, lives forevermore. Twice alive! Alive forevermore. Living for Jesus today in showing mercy, proclaiming the good news and therefore snatching people from the fire and showing mercy, grace in Christian living each day. Have Thine own way Lord. Help me in my daily living for Jesus so all may see You in me. May I be a living epistle read by all around me – a servant in Your kingdom.

    1. Jesus with Your Church abide;
    be our Saviour, Lord, and Guide,
    while on earth our faith is tried:
    Lord, our Saviour, hear us.

    2. Keep her life and doctrine pure;
    grant her patience to endure,
    trusting in Your promise sure:
    Lord, our Saviour, hear us.

    3. May our lamp of truth be bright;
    may we bear a loft its light
    through the realms of sinful night:
    Lord, our Saviour, hear us.

    4. Pardon us for work undone,
    pardon us for fields unwon,
    bless the work we have begun:
    Lord, our Saviour, hear us.

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