whose love is questionable?

SCRIPTURE: Malachi 1

In the first conversation (1:2-5) God deals with His peoples’ doubts about His special love for them. In the second conversation (1:6-14) He shows them that the real problem is their half-hearted love for Him. He exposes their second-rate worship, bringing their leftovers and junk to Him as their offerings. God has specially set aside Israel (or Jacob) as His missionary people, but they have not honoured or obeyed Him. The “hatred” of Esau (Jacob’s brother, who became the nation of Edom) is the culmination of that nation’s rebellion against God and His chosen nation. The Edomites could be blessed to, if they submitted to God’s plan, but they refused.

As a follower of Jesus, I may sometimes doubt God’s love in the things He allows to happen. But this passage turns the focus on to my own heart, and considers how much I love Him. The reality is, my love is often lukewarm, often distracted by other loves. If I am honest, I neglect Him so much more than I suspect He neglects me. In fact, He does not neglect me. He loves me. He proved it by His death on my behalf.

In this reading I hear the Lord asking me to consider my response to Him, whether I have dedicated my whole heart to Him, whether I have a passionate commitment to Him and His kingdom. It’s similar to when Jesus speaks to Peter after denying Him 3 times – Peter, do you love me? (John 21:15-19)

Lord, I may have questions and doubts about Your love, but if I am honest, I also need to consider my own love. Show me whether I am offering you second-rate love, and help me to change.


One Response

  1. God’s love is free. If we love Him, it is because He first loved us. He chose us that we might serve Him wheleheartedly and yet there are so many times that I go my own way and do give Him the firstfruits of my live. My best. My all.

    Help me in my living for Jesus this day and every day, Lord. Have Thine Own Way Lord for You are the Potter and I am the clay. Give me the eyes to see You this day leading me in all I do and say so that I am a light shining for You always.

    Whole-hearted thanksgiving to Thee I will bring
    In praise of Thy marvelous deeds I will sing;
    In Thee I will joy and exultingly cry,
    Thy Name I will praise, O Jehovah, Most High.


    Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, let the earth hear His voice!
    Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, let the people rejoice!
    O come to Jehovah, declare ye His fame,
    And give Him all honor, for just is His Name.

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