everyone and everything

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 148

This songwriter wants EVERYONE and EVERYTHING to praise the Lord. He doesn’t ask, he tells everyone and everything to praise Him. He gives the following reasons: because the Lord created us [v.5-6] and only He deserves it [v.13], He has provided rescue for His people [v.14] and He holds His people close His heart [v.14]. All of these reasons are as true today as they were then.

Do I share this songwriter’s passion, that everyone and everything would praise (say great things about) the Lord? Does it bother me that people do not appreciate the greatness and goodness of God? We depend on Him for our very existence. He is infinitely and ultimately greater than everything and everyone (it’s a wonder that we even make a difference to God at all). He has intervened in a hell-bent world to provide for hope, for rescue. And most shocking of all, He holds people close to His heart. Why? Not because we are so loveable, so good, so promising… but because He made us, we are His children. For better or worse, we are His much-loved children. Knowing how pathetic and warped we are by nature, and what we have done to God’s amazing world, this is reason enough to boast about how great and good God is.

May I sense His greatness and goodness more than I do now, and may it result in my busting with praise and thanks.

Lord, forgive me for not appreciating how truly amazing You are. May I take time today to praise You for Your greatness and goodness.


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