I want to see Jesus

SCRIPTURE: Revelation 1

John receives a vision from Jesus while he is imprisoned on Patmos for being a Jesus-follower. The message is for 7 specific churches, but also for all believers of all ages. It is a message to inspire hope and encouragement for those, like John, who are being persecuted for their faith, and frustrated that Jesus has not come yet. Through this vision, the basic message that comes through is that Jesus is on the throne, and He will come and set things straight. And those who crucified Him, as well as those who torment and torture His followers, will mourn because of Him. In other words, hang on, He is coming!

There are many symbols in this vision. As we read, we need to get the general sense of the reading, and of the symbols. They are not to be read literally, but seriously. John sees someone “like a son of man” [Daniel 7:13], and the imagery depicts someone who is powerful, glorious, majestic and in charge. The Lord is impressing a vision of His greatness in our minds so that when we are ‘impressed’ or ‘depressed’ by the powers of this world, we will see beyond them the greatest truth, that Jesus is in charge, from the beginning to the end. One day, everyone will see this.

Do I see this (with eyes of faith)? Am I more impressed by Jesus than by the powers and problems of this world? May I never stop focusing on His glory and His power, to Him forever and ever, Amen!

Lord, although this is a symbolic vision, it is a picture of reality, the deepest reality. You ARE on the throne, and You ARE in charge. Imprint this vision of You and Your glory in my heart and mind forever.


One Response

  1. As in previous letters the author greeted the readers. This is no ordinary letter because it is a letter from Jesus Christ and the content of the message is what must soon take place. All people are fascinated by the future and even desire to know what the future holds by doing horoscopes. Revelation describes not what will take place, but what will soon take place. And we hear throughout that the ultimate source is the Word of God. How often did we not hear that refrain in the OT? The Word of God came to . . . May I also hear His Word coming to me today as I read that Word, and live that Word as I serve Him this day. The Word of God came to me this day and my response was . . yes Lord.

    Yes, Lord, yes, to Your will and to Your way
    Yes, Lord, yes, I will trust You and obey
    When Your Spirit speaks to me, with my whole heart I’ll agree
    And my answer will be yes, Lord, yes!
    Repeat Chorus:

    Lord I give You all the glory for all You’ve given me
    You have filled my life until I overflows
    All I have is Yours to use, just anyway You choose
    You are Lord of all, so how can I say no. So I say…..


    If I never knew the fullness of living in Your will
    You see, I would never know how rich my life could be
    Lord, my willingness to serve, is the least that You deserve
    For all the blessings you have showered over me. And I say…..

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