open door policy

SCRIPTURE: Revelation 3

The believers at Philadelphia are very strong, but the believers at Sardis and Laodicea are not doing well. The Sardis believers are putting on a good show, but its hollow, dead on the inside. The Laodicean believers are lukewarm, though they think they are doing OK. Interesting that the door for the Philadelphian group is open, and no one can shut it, but the door for Laodicean group is shut, and Jesus does not open it by force but waits for them to open it. The challenge for all of them is to hold on, to stand firm, be faithful and obedient no matter what, for Jesus will come. Those who do will stand victorious with Him on the last day.

Have I opened the door of my heart all the way? Am I putting on a good show, though hollow on the inside? Am I rich in this world, but poor inwardly? What would Jesus write to me today? Am I hot or cold? Honestly, I feel lukewarm, and I don’t like it. I want to be real, I want to be passionate. Jesus controls the doors, but He does not force them open. He will gladly guard the door to my heart if I open it to Him. The imagery in these passages essentially says that it will be good to open my heart to the Lord, but bad if I don’t.

My heart is partially open, and I am reasonably sincere in my commitment to the Lord. But I sense a lack of passion lately, maybe too distracted by doing church. I sense I am holding back, keeping the door partially closed. I’ve got to give over control of the door, give it to Jesus. 100%.

Lord, help me to know how to fully open the door for You. And please ignite the fire in my heart that it may melt the lead in my feet.


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