the ultimate worship gathering

SCRIPTURE: Revelation 4

John leaves the body (can you imagine it, freaky!), and in this unbodied state he sees the headquarters of the universe. God reveals it in images that he can relate to: a throne, a person shining like brilliant jewels, 24 more thrones with older men sitting on them, lamps, a sea of glass, 4 creatures with lots of wings and eyes, like a lion, an ox, a human face and an eagle. Together these creatures sing and praise the one on the throne, laying their own crowns at His feet. Of course, these are visions, symbolic pictures of a very true reality. God is in charge, His angels worship Him, as do His people (represented by 24 elders, 12 tribes and 12 apostles, the fullness of God’s OT and NT people). But just because this is a vision, don’t think it’s not real. It is ultimate reality, the truth behind everything we see and experience.

We mistakenly think that what we see and know and can discover is all there is. We have lost our connection to ultimate reality (God), and like children born to parents in a prison, the walls of the cell is the only world they know. We think we are so wise, knowing our prison cell so well. But there is so much more. And deep down we know this, we long to know the depth of reality, not just the surface.

John’s vision is meant to show us that what we see is not all there is. Invisible yet real, God is on the throne, and all creation (except the rebellious angels and sinful humanity) bows before Him and recognizes His primacy. The world may be a mess (and that is our fault, our rebellion against the true center of the universe), but God is still in charge. And everything is working out for His purpose and praise. We can either join the living creatures and the elders in honouring and worshipping God, and laying our crowns before Him, or we can resist Him… not a wise choice.

Do I lay my crown (my own sense of independence, authority, importance) before God? Will I surrender my life to Him, and join in exalting Him with my life?

Lord, this is an amazing worship gathering, the best! Help me to join in by surrendering my crown to You. You are holy, You are worthy!


One Response

  1. God is described here in majesty and glory. He is given all the praise and glory due to His name. All the creatures never stop saying holy is the Lord for all times to all times. He is receiving the praises due to His name because He is God. And the elders lay their crowns before Him and praise Him with their words and actions. God is the All in all. He is the I am. He is the God who created the whole creation and man. but is He recognized as King over all?

    One day the whole world will know that He is God and the whole new creation will honour Him as such. In the meantime, I too need to crown Him Lord of all.

    Crown Him with many crowns, the Lamb upon His throne.
    Hark! How the heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own.
    Awake, my soul, and sing of Him who died for thee,
    And hail Him as thy matchless King through all eternity.

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