the way of the lamb

SCRIPTURE: Revelation 5

In this vision, God’s plan to restore His kingdom on earth is revealed. The sealed scroll represents the official plan. It requires a human agent (God entrusted this world to humans, as His image-bearers; by their hand it was thrust into darkness and death; by their hand it will be restored). But not just any agent will do, a worthy agent is needed. But no one in all creation was found to do this. No human could ever restore God’s world. The good news, God provides the perfect agent: the Son of God (Lion) becomes the Son of man (lamb), and triumphs through His humble, sacrificial love. Everyone in God’s throne-room erupts in praise when they see this perfect messiah. He will restore God’s kingdom, He will defeat the enemy, He will establish God’s servants to reign once again on the earth.

Lots of imagery, but the basic message is: God has provided the perfect messiah to restore His Kingdom. Not one of us is able (worthy) to do this. All the best attempts in history to establish utopia (the perfect world order) have failed, and always because of the flawed human nature they were rooted in. Every human institution will fail, must fail! Even the church has failed again and again. The only reason the community of Jesus-followers can hope to succeed is because of its connection to Jesus. But the way to success is the way of the lamb, the way of the cross, the way of humble, sacrificial love. Only when the church follows this path can it see the kingdom of God unfold.

Our hope as a church is not in our programs, our structures, our mission and vision statements, our strategic plans or our buildings. Only as we join the lamb in humbly, sacrificially serving others – which seems so weak and unimpressive – will we see the kingdom of God unfold.

I see the lamb, and I see Him looking at me, and I see Him challenging my focus on church and programs and buildings and strategic plans… And He says to me, ‘follow me!’

Lord, You are the only way. For me to experience Your victory, I must be willing to walk the way of the lamb. I want to follow You…


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