God’s family, bigger than me

SCRIPTURE: Revelation 7

Here we see the fullness of God’s rescued family, the fullness of old covenant believers and the fullness of new covenant believers [12 tribes x 10 ×12 apostles x 10 = 144,000], a great multitude that cannot be counted), united around Jesus, the perfect Lamb, the perfect Shepherd. We see the 12 tribes and 12 apostles as representatives of all believers again in the new Jerusalem [Revelation 21:12-14].
The tribulation is the unfolding plan of God (as seen in the scroll opened by the Lamb). Throughout history He guides and restrains the evils of this world for the sake of His people, that they might be saved. The 4 angels of judgment are restrained by the 4 angels of grace.
Every people group is represented here, and the number is bigger than anyone can count.
The seal of God guarantees that nothing can separate Jesus-followers from the love of God in Jesus.

There are many symbols and allusions to biblical passages, but the basic point is this: evil is happening, but God remains in control, and His people will be rescued in the end.
The family of God is bigger than what I see, what I can relate to. It extends to people of all kinds and colours. Every single person is invited! And this vision suggests that more will be saved than I realize.
As I stand here in this stage of God’s plan, still on earth, yet knowing God’s plan to save all people from all nations, all who will receive the message of Jesus, this ought to inspire and motivate me to reach out to everyone (not just people like me, or people that I like).
Some might argue that because the Lord has already sealed His own, it doesn’t matter whether I witness or not. But this is foolish and dangerous. Obedience and compassion are some of the evidence of a Jesus-follower, and if I refuse to show them, I cease to be a Jesus-follower.
The Lord uses our efforts to accomplish His purpose. His purpose will be accomplished, but I will be accountable for how I helped or hindered His will from being done.

Lord, if only people understood Your grace and generosity, they would sense Your compassionate desire to rescue everyone. Help me to get this message out. Amen.


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  1. God’s people are countless. The number of God’s people saved is complete. And they will do the same as when Christ entered Jerusalem on Palm Sonday. Honour Him! And all the angels will do the same since all power and strength and wisdom and praise and glory belongs to our God! For these people, they will never thirst; they will never hunger; they will never cry for the Lord Almighty is their God and He is the Source of the living water. What a future! What a victory! What a promise, especially when we see so much pain, and lack of bread and thirst for clean water. Today we need a temporary rescue from the storms of life for an immediate fix. The greater rescue is to be in the court of the number saved, for Christ Jesus can and will provide all things for His people.

    As I live this day, may I not have the downward look, but the upward look, realizing and living that my help is from the Lord God, the Creator of all.

    He is able more than able
    To accomplish what concerns me today
    He is able more than able
    To handle anything that comes my way
    He is able more than able
    To do much more than I could ever dream
    He is able more than able
    To make me what He wants me to be

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