p.u.s.h. – pray until something happens

SCRIPTURE: Revelation 8

The seals on the scroll have been opened, and at the end of the day, the great multitudes will stand before God for judgment. The last seal (8:1) may represent the final judgment – silence and judgment often go together (Psalm 46:8-10, Isaiah 41:1, Habakkuk 2:20, Zephaniah 1:7, Romans 3:19). I would probably place 8:1 with the previous section, as 7:18, the finale after the opening of the seals. What follows (v.2ff) is a new vision, with seven angels and seven trumpets. In response to the desperate prayers of the persecuted believers (symbolized by the incense and the censer), judgment is unleashed on the cruel and unjust.

Two lessons from this. First, God is in charge of all things, and He will work out His justice and truth in the end. Things may appear twisted now, but the day will come when God will unleash justice. Second, God’s justice is unleashed on behalf of, and in response to, the prayers of His humble followers. Those who depend on Him, follow His will and live for Him, though the world rejects them, they will one day be vindicated.

I hear in this a call to pray, a reminder that my prayers make a difference, and that as I pray, things are happening in the world around me. I need to pray with a kingdom focus, not just for me, myself and mine.

Lord, thank You for the assurance that no matter what happens, it all fits into Your purpose and plan. When things get tough or complicated, help me to rest in this assurance, and not try to figure out the details. Amen.


One Response

  1. Seven is the number of completeness. When the last seal was opened there was silence for 30 minutes. Imagine, a half hour of silence. What goes through one’s mind with all the previous happenings? Today we can’t even walk, work without an ipod stuck into our ears marching to our own tunes, our own beat. Forget the world. I want it my way. During the silence I would think God’s people would pray after what they had witnessed, as with the angel with the censor. Our talks with God do make a difference. No matter what disasters occur as shown by the trumpets, God’s people need to be a people of prayer just as our forefather was when he prayed for the people of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    As Adam walked in the garden with His Creator, so I too need to walk this day in His world, even though with problems filled, with my Saviour, Redeemer until His Kingdom come and/or His will be done through me as I serve Him in this present life. Help me Lord with my talks with You for Your people and for those who need to see You and King also in their lives before the end of their time.

    This is my Father’s world.
    O let me ne’er forget
    that though the wrong seems oft so strong,
    God is the ruler yet.
    This is my Father’s world:
    why should my heart be sad?
    The Lord is King; let the heavens ring!
    God reigns; let the earth be glad!

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