what makes a good leader?

Hey everyone, time for another discussion. Here is the question. Feel free to answer this however you like.

What makes a leader a GOOD leader?


3 Responses

  1. -a close, personal (intimate) relationship with Christ
    -a willing, teachable, humble, compassionate, discerning, servant heart
    -a desire to see God’s will be done NOT our own

  2. A leader is transparent enough for others to see God through.

  3. I was reading Brad Powell (Change Your Church For Good), and he mentions, in addition to needing to be crazy, 7 qualities needed for the right leader to lead a church through change and transition.

    There is something to these qualities that I resonate with, that it seems to me I would look for in a leader:

    Calling: A deep sense that the Lord has called me to this role as leader.
    Character: Integrity of heart and life, that only comes from an open, life-changing relationship with Jesus.
    Competence: Some leadership and communication abilities, as well as ability to gather team to build on your weak areas.
    Confidence: A confidence that is rooted not in self, but in the Lord. Confidence properly placed!
    Courage: A boldness that enables me to step up and step out, to move beyond my comfort zone, to take risks and face challenges head on.
    Commitment: A “stick-to-it-iveness”, no matter what, a determined loyalty to Jesus and to His kingdom.
    Continuous Growth: A humility that recognizes that we are not there yet, that we ALWAYS have ways that we can learn and grow.

    All of this is rooted – has to be rooted – in a dynamic, life-changing relationship with Jesus. These qualities apart from that relationship will become very dangerous. Certainly Hitler had these qualities to some extent, but that did not make Him a great leader.

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