afraid to be his ambassador?

SCRIPTURE: Revelation 11

From this vision, it seems that at the end of this period of history, as things go from bad to worse, God will embolden and empower His witnesses (the church) for one last declaration of the message of Jesus. Either there will be two specific people who will lead this, or these two witnesses are symbolic of the whole church. But they will be rejected and defeated. For a time it will seem as if God’s plan had failed, but the witnesses will be resurrected, and the final judgment will begin. This will be the last chance to repent!
The vision describes these two witnesses in terms of Moses, who with God’s help (water to blood and other plagues, v.6), boldly stands up to Pharoah with God’s truth, and God brings him through certain death (symbolized by the Red Sea) to a new life beyond.

The common themes in the visions of this book are (a) God is in control (b) Jesus is fulfilling His plan (c) the powers of sin and evil are a part of this plan (d) His followers must trust Him and speak for Him, no matter what (e) they will triumph in the end, and (f) those who reject Him will be judged.

Here the emphasis is on the task of witnessing as Jesus’ ambassadors. Jesus said, “You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” [Acts 1:8]. All of the apostles except John died a martyrs death, but they were resurrected! Our task of witnessing will continue to the very end, when God will embolden and empower us for one last declaration of the message of Jesus.

Will I join in this? Will I be His witness, no matter what? Do I hesitate because of the rejection I receive? Do I hold back because I want people to like me, or because I am afraid of persecution? Am I ashamed of, or do I doubt, the message of Jesus?

Lord, I know that my task – all our task – is to be Your ambassador. Help me to overcome my fear, and to speak boldly and graciously for You.


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