resist or repent, that is the question

SCRIPTURE: Revelation 15

In this life, it is hard for Jesus-followers to resist temptation or persecution, to stay true to our commitment to Jesus. So many pressures, so many distractions, so many doubts, so many fears. But the constant reminder in the Bible is to stand firm, to persevere. The intent of these visions is to bolster the weakening faith of persecuted believers at that time (and of all times). And this vision paints a picture of ONE DAY when they will stand at the finish line, victorious over the beast.

On that day, we will be bursting with expressions of praise, singing ancient and new songs of thankfulness for the greatness and goodness of God. And we will also be vindicated at that time. On that day, we will finally see the rightness of our humility and faith and holiness. Ridiculed and rejected for years, on that day we will finally be revealed as having made the right decision.

We will also witness the changing fortunes of those who resisted and rejected God’s mercy in this life. After years and years of God’s tolerance and patience – so that they might repent – they will finally face the music. They will finally stand before their Maker, face to face, and given an account for how and why they lived as they did.

And from the Throne of Mercy (the seat cover of the Ark of the Covenant, in the tabernacle/temple of Israel), God’s judgment will finally be unleashed against those who rejected His offer for mercy. From the very place where God distributed forgiveness throughout history will come the bowls filled with God’s righteous judgment against those who refuse to repent.

Repentance. Humility. Admitting our sin and shame and our need for God’s help. Now is the time to repent, because it seems that on the last day it will be too late. Everyone will have more than enough chances to receive God’s mercy. Let’s not wait until the bowls start overflowing…

Lord, we live as if there were no final judgment. I know I do. Help me to stand before You now, with Jesus, so that I do not have to face You and Your righteous anger alone on the last day. Jesus, I choose You today!


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  1. Before the last plagues are to take place, John saw this vision of the saints standing with harps and singing the song of the Lamb. God is Almighty. Just and true are His Ways. All nations will come and worship you. These are those who are His – the faithful – the true. And the temple was filled with smoke and no one could enter – until the all that needs to happen comes to pass – that the glory of the Lord fills the temple once again. As Moses needed to wait for God’s presence before he could enter the temple, we too need to wait until all things have come to pass before we live with Him in glory. In the meantime, work and pray. Pray and work. Stand firm and sing the song of the redeemed.

    Out of tribulation, death and Satan’s hand,
    They have been translated at the Lord’s command.
    In their hands they’re holding palms of victory;
    Hark! the jubilant chorus shouts triumphantly:

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