don’t be surprised

SCRIPTURE: Revelation 18

Will the political, economic systems of the world as we know them today last forever? Can we assume that the U.S. will always remain the leading super-power, that English will always remain the main language, that whites will always remain the privileged group in society, that democratic freedoms as we know them will remain, that Christianity will remain the largest world religion? No doubt Rome expected to thrive forever, but eventually things changed. What will the world look like in 50 years? Maybe very different from today.

This vision shows us that the mighty nations never last forever, the kingdoms of this world, no matter how strong and successful, will eventually come to ruin. The only kingdom that will last forever is Jesus’ and every other kingdom (system, government, army, as well as individual heart) must surrender to, or perish.

God’s kingdom is the only legitimate kingdom. Sometimes Christians get so mixed up in the worldly kingdoms (putting their hope in a political or economic system, or party, or movement, trusting in certain leaders as the hope of the nation) that they lose sight of the fact that no human system can succeed – ever – apart from complete surrender to King Jesus.

In this time of elections in Canada and the U.S., we would do well to remember this vision of the great fall of ‘Babylon’. The experience of 9/11 (and everyone knows what that means) should remind us as well that the world as we know it can change any time.

Where should our confidence be? No matter how the winds of history and circumstance blow, for us or against us, our only confidence can be in Jesus and His kingdom. This is who we should get mixed up with, Who we should devote the bulk of our energy. Long live King Jesus!

Lord, I am more a part of the system than I realize or care to admit. My confidence is that this system as I know it will always be there. Shake me up and show me the truth, not to scare me but to redirect my confidence in You.


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  1. Where do you put your trust? Babylon the great is gone. The people see their livelihood disappearing before their very eyes and cry – for whom? Do they lift their eyes unto the hills and see that their help comes from the Lord? Or do they see their lives disappear before their very eyes because their source of economic gain has dissappeared? The passage tells us that the world weeps because the economic gains are gone. They helped themselves and now there is no help. Their lives were self centered for self gain. They were not of His kingdom working in His garden.

    Lord, help me with my upward look each day and not get caught up in the downward look of all the disappearing gains of false hopes. Help me this day to use the gifts given for Your service. Help me to be a blessing to those around me. My hope and trust and security and anchor in in You.

    My life is in You, Lord
    My strength is in You, Lord
    My hope is in You, Lord
    In You, it’s in You

    I will praise You with all of my life
    I will praise You with all of my strength
    With all of my life
    With all of my strength
    All of my hope is in You

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