SCRIPTURE: Revelation 19

Ever since we saw the vision of Jesus (the Lamb) opening the scroll (God’s plan of kingdom restoration), we have seen how Jesus will accomplish the victory against Satan, sin, death and hell. The many visions contain striking and frightening images and symbols that represent very real events. But the punch line throughout is the same: VICTORY!

This victory is found in the person of Jesus, God with us, God for us. He is the only hope for everyone and everything. To experience this victory, every person must surrender to Him as Lord and Saviour. As long as we remain slaves to selfishness and pride, we will remain closed to all that God has in mind for us.

This vision portrays Jesus as the Victorious King, and the outcome of those who receive Him and those who reject Him. On that day evil will be seen for what it is, and He will banish it from His kingdom. The vision describes a war scene, where the beast and false prophet and their armies are finally, ultimately destroyed.

I agree with this in my mind, but if I am honest, I do not feel the weight or wonder of this. If I think about it experientially, it seems so distant from my day-to-day experience. I imagine that for believers in John’s day – facing violence, persecution, death, torture, the victorious presence of Rome, etc. – these visions were much more experientially true.

In my experience, I find it hard to get passionate about a day when vultures feast on the bodies of God’s enemies. I expect that when these visions unfold, I will understand it better. But I can appreciate how non-Christians would cringe at reading this.

Lord, I do not live in a world of violence, injustice or bloodshed, and so I find these visions hard. But I do take comfort in the fact that evil and misery are not forever, and that one day good and truth with triumph on earth, just like it does in heaven.


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