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share your crossroads experience
July 10, 2008

Feel free to post your comments…

How has God revealed Himself to you in a real, personal way (otherwise known as God-moments or crossroads experiences)?

What do you sense God calling us to be and do as ‘church’?


crossroads experience
July 6, 2008

  1. Have you ever experienced a God-moment? A time when somehow, through some situation or experience, the Lord touches or challenges you deeply. The more aware we are of God, and of what is happening around us, the more we will experience this.
  2. God-moments are His way of getting our attention, either to reconnect us to Him, or to strengthen us in our relationship with Him. These holy moments are also moments of decision, a crossroads of sorts. We can either choose to welcome and receive what He is offering us, or we can close our hearts and refuse. (more…)