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what makes a good leader?
September 18, 2008

Hey everyone, time for another discussion. Here is the question. Feel free to answer this however you like.

What makes a leader a GOOD leader?


dorothy on leadership
June 11, 2008

This article raises interesting and challenging thoughts on leadership today. N.S.

“How a Movie from our Childhood Can Help us Understand the Changing Nature of Leadership in the Postmodern Transition” By Brian D. McLaren

OK, I admit it. I spent most of the 80’s and early 90’s wishing I could be just like Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, or John Maxwell. They were successful. They appeared unflinchingly confident. They were powerful, knowledgeable, larger than life. I’d go to their seminars, and return home feeling wildly inspired and mildly depressed. How could I feel those two things at the same time? If you’ve attended their seminars, you probably don’t need me to explain.

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