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servant pyramid
July 21, 2008

OK Andrea, here is the video of our attempt to build a pyramid. Can you tell who the person is that led to the downfall of our pyramid?


band leader
July 10, 2008

For eight years I was privileged to lead the band/music program at Scugog Christian School. It was an amazing experience. I love music, and I loved the opportunity to to the kids (including my own) the joy and gift of music. Below are some YouTube videos of the last concert. In the song “Mission Impossible” the kids surprised me. Thanks to God, and all the students and staff at Scugog for this amazing opportunity! And thanks to Linda Wielinga for making these videos! (more…)

sermon on the mount(ain dew)
June 6, 2008

How many of you remember the classic kids program, Davey & Goliath? I do remember watching this show a lot as a kid, but somehow I do not remember this episode. How about you? … Sermon on the Mountain Dew

Oh Davey…


asleep in the light?
May 22, 2008

Check out he following video clip from YouTube based on the song “Asleep In The Light” by Keith Green. It is a very convicting song, and some of the images are very appropriate. Printed below the video are the lyrics for further reflection.

How can you be so dead when you’ve been so well fed
Jesus rose from the grave, and you, you can’t even get out of bed.

The question to answer is, is this too negative, or is it right on the mark? (more…)